Anat Cohavi - musician and composer

Born on July '79, Israel.

'89-'98- Graduate Karmiel Conservatory.

'98-'01- graduate the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem, Israel

Involved in wide verity of ensembles and projects.
Collaborate with: Michael Agre, Oori Shalev, Udi Kazamirski, Dan Cohen, Dvir Katz, Ira Mogilevski, Vlad Nadelin, Iftah Gabbai and more.

'02- M.mus studies at the University of north Texas (UNT), Denton, USA.

'03- Houston TX, USA.
Active in the experimental and avant-guard music scene.
Collaborate with: Dave Dove, Chris Cogbern, Jason Jackson, Juan Garcia, Thomas Helton.
Associate with "Nameless Sound" (formerly "Deep Listening Institution", Pauline Oliveros Foundation).

'04- North India.
Study classical Indian music.
Accumulate skills on Chennai and Tabla (traditional Indian instruments).

'05- Israel.
Recognized as a musician of out-standing rank by a professional committee of the Israeli Ministry of Immigrant absorption (as a returning resident).

'06- Berlin, Germany.
Yet to come...